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The best thing about Galveston this time of year is the utter lack of competition for the things I find essential. Video store shelves bulge with first-run movies, The Blair Witch Project and Wild Wild West in ample supply. Grocery store parking lots at peak shopping times are rarely more than half full. The genial bookseller at Midsummer Books has plenty of good works on hand and the leisure to chat about them. Left turns are easy, even at so-called rush hour, even across northbound Broadway traffic; so easy in fact, that I delight in making them unnecessarily.

So you can imagine my pique at being turned away from Galveston's newest restaurant, the Saltwater Grill, not once or twice but three times running. "I'm so sorry," said the host...

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Serious Fun - The Grand Opera House

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2017 Postoffice St., Galveston, TX 77553

(409) 762-3474

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